Upcoming Events

Coming May 2023

Soulful Sisterhood Community

This is a 4 week healing circle.

 It honours our alignment with our soul's desires and reconnecting to the wise woman within.  

Each of us brings our own experience and journey to the circle allowing deeper healing for all of us.    

We will be exploring:
and Your Future Self  

This is an in-person circle and there is limited space available, sign up early to secure your spot. 

Coming Soon

Burnout to Blissful

This is a 6 week series that discusses various tools and techniques to transform burnout to bliss.

Each of us experiences external and internal triggers for stress. Collectively, we are all feeling burnt out. This series allows you to explore each topic and how it impacts you.

There will be elements of movement woven throughout each topic to help you deepen your connection to your body and what needs your attention and awareness.

The topics covered will be:
Values and Decisions
Feelings and Emotions
Self-Love and Mirror Work
Body Image and Movement
Diet Culture and Nutrition
Stress Management and Nervous System Regulation

Join this journey as we work move our bodies and awaken the knowledge within to heal and reclaim our bliss. 

Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo

What Exactly IS Mom Guilt?

I am excited to be on the panel discussing Mom guilt, Sunday May 28th at 2:00p.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. As a working mom of 3 adventurous and curious boys, I have definitely experiences my share of mom guilt.

During many visits with moms, we discuss what mom guilt means to them and how to manage it.

Visit the expo, listen to the panel and receive support for all things pregnancy to toddlers.

I cannot wait to see you there!